Commentary and Review: Alien Intrusion

I am going to write on something I do not typically write on: I am going to do a movie/documentary commentary and review. I find it difficult to define what this film actually is. It is part movie, part documentary, part engaging information. So I will call it just this: a film. Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception is a film produced by Creation Ministries International (CMI). It is based on a book by the same name that was written by Gary Bates. CMI is a Christian, creation, and science organization that pursues Christ in all of their findings and is a great site for apologetics. They are much alike to Answers in Genesis (AiG) and the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). This film follows much the same mission: How can we reach believers and unbelievers with Christ and the truth on such and such issue? As might be assumed, this film is about aliens, but not just what they are. This film divulges the history, the cultural phenomenon, the science, the impact, and what the truth is regarding these beings.

This will not be a complete line by line of the film, but I will divest the main gist of the “plot-line”. I managed to take notes in the dark. They are fairly legible, but I also did not attempt to write down everything, such as different definitions of Physics or every single scientist’s, researcher’s, or witnesses name. For those bits of information, you will need to watch the film or search around on the above linked sites. Hopefully you, as well as others, can take good notes in your mind, for the information is both interesting and, in its own way, crucial to apologetics and our worldview.  This film is for both christians and unbelievers, but definitely it is helpful for defending the faith. If you do not like spoilers, don’t read on. But if you are generally curious and will probably see it anyway, or know some information already but wish to know more and refresh your memory, like me, then read on and see the film later!

The film begins with a history of aliens, starting with the infamous reading of War of the Worlds on a live studio broadcast. For those who lived and listened during that time, it was terrifying. The thought that beings from outer-space had come here to destroy us, but there was nothing we could do. Even official reports were made speaking on intent to engage the beings. Yet as we all know now, the reading was nothing more than entertainment.

Stories like H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds were not new. People have heard of others like Verne and Clark and their exploration of science fiction writing, or sci-fi. It was new, exciting, and always having the element of the truth in it. Because of these writings, aliens became the hip topic for stories and developed into a cultural phenomenon, in some ways culminating with what is known as the Roswell Incident. This encounter turned aliens from a fad to a cult, one that may be more wide-spread than most know and more dangerous than most will admit.

But aliens are not a new threat nor their belief solely contemporary. Many in the past have sighted and recorded the unexplainable, the unknown, the alien. Many now have interpreted those accounts as fact that aliens do exist. Some people in various fields of science have even come to claim that aliens do exist. Presidents in the past, as the film shows, even suggest that they believe in the possibility of aliens. The presence and encounters of these beings seem real, yet they appear to fly in the face of reason and Christianity. So what are we to think?

Lets begin with the science. I cannot explain every detail of what the film said. I am not a physicist nor a UFOligist (and I did not write literally everything down). but I can give you the simple answer: the science says that aliens cannot exist. You might be thinking, she just said that some scientists believe in aliens. Yes, and the reason why is because some need  aliens to exist. Why? And who are these scientists? In general, they are evolutionary based scientists. These scientists believe that life was formed through the random and chaotic processes of random mutation. But there is a problem with this theory: there is not any evidence for it to have ever happened. It is unobservable. But regardless of this, many do believe in evolution as they believe they have evidence for it. Because of many scientists’ faith in this theory, many are also led to think their belief of life on other planets is more credible.

For now, we will follow the thinking based on these assumptions. So what about aliens? Did they evolve to? If this were true, aliens must have evolved before us as they appear to be more advanced than us. If that’s the case, they say that evolution must have happened on one of their planets, and thus the process is unable to be observed. This is why there is a concerted effort to discover habitable planets elsewhere. We know that life can only exist the way that the earth is. Thus, scientists must search for the exact location where life could happen a second time. If scientists find that planet, it means we might not be alone in this universe.

It also means that evolution could have happened there and then that life  could have been brought to earth.  Many people think that these aliens evolved on their own planet and then brought life to earth to start again from scratch . This is because the law of biogenesis states that life can only come from life. But this theory of aliens “planting” life is called Pan-spermia, or many seeds. The basic idea is that life came from something that was not earth but was brought here, and likely elsewhere, by aliens.

But there is a problem with that idea, the film informs. Actually, there are a whole host of problems besides the issues with evolutionary theory. This is something that the film can explain much better than I, but here is the “Reader’s Digest” version. To begin, the nearest star to earth is Proxima Centuri. It would take an astronomical, if not impossible, amount of time to get from there to here in a reasonable amount of time. Enough time that it would be impossible for life to evolve there, build ships to get here, plant life here, or just visit, go back, and them come back again for these recent sightings, not to mention make it here without dying in the process. There is not enough time in the evolutionary timescales for this to happen, and there is too much distance for this to be feasible.

Another problem is that there needs to be a habitable planet. This is something not exactly discussed in the film, but is important to the conversation nevertheless. No other habitable planets have been found, and I doubt that we will ever find them. Even so, in order for life to come from another planet and be sustainable here, there needs to be another earth-like planet. None have been found, and with that no other life besides what is found on earth. It is basically impossible for all of the correct conditions to come together in order to have a planet that is habitable. It is a feat of mental gymnastics to think it could happen more than once. For more information on this topic, I advise watching the film The Privileged Planet. Another aspect that the film mentioned was if they planted life here, why did they do it and why not plant it elsewhere? Shouldn’t there be thousands and thousands of other alien planets? Where are they?

Finally, the rest of physics. In short, at the rates of speed that aliens supposedly have been observed to go, or need to go to get here, their ships should explode. Why? Because at the rate of speed they are going in relation to their mass as they travel through space increases. Not only should the beings be incapable of surviving such a trip, if the ships were to hit anything as small as a raisin or speck of dust, the ship would either be broken or literally explode upon impact. In case you may not have thought about it, there is a lot of dust in space, not to mention bits of rock, asteroids, and meteors. This is in addition to the problem that such technology to protect the ships does not exist. This is not saying that the technology has not been created yet – such as force-fields or other “alien” technology – but that it cannot be created because the laws of physics prevent it. These are not the only problems with aliens, transport, technology, and the rest, but it is a start.

So the laws of physics demand that the beings could not get here even if they wanted to, the universe is not old enough to have produced life once, let alone twice or more, and no one has proven that life can evolve at all. Life still had to come from life, so those aliens still would have had to have arisen by a process that is both unproven, unprovable, and unscientific. Also, by saying that life arose from aliens, the evolutionary  problem has simply been moved elsewhere and is still a problem. This is why certain evolutionists both need, or want, yet can’t have aliens.

But wait, some who watch the film might think and you who read might add, haven’t people actually seen aliens? What about the footage, and newsreels, and eye-witness accounts? What about abductions and people showing physical and psychological signs? What about those? Good questions, all of them. The film addresses them well and I will attempt to summarize them below. But as the film suggests, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. But first, let me pose you a question:

Why do the alien encounter stories stay basically the same, regardless of the historical period, but their technology changes with our times and expectations?

The answer is simple: because they are not extraterrestrial life, but this will be discussed later.

You see, alien, or alien like, encounters have been recorded for a very long time, which the film documented well. People from each encounter typically see similar things, like odd lights, odd-looking creatures, and some sort of reality-defying spacecraft. Yet these crafts often change. According to the film, some witnesses of different time periods and places attest that they saw ships that looked more like blimps, others like canoes, and others like various crafts that were familiar with the time. It has only been in recent years that people described them as having a saucer shape, then being made of a silvery material ringed in lights. They move fast and in ways that reality insists is false. Also, they appear and disappear out of nowhere. Some of those “ships” may sound odd to you, but at the time they were sighted, they seemed believable. Why? Because that is what people expected to see.

What about where they came from? Considering their proximity, it is no wonder why people once thought that maybe aliens came from the planets Venus or Mars. Even now, people joke about little green men. At other times, people speculated that they came from Saturn, or Jupiter, and so on. But there is more. Not only did people speculate where the beings came from, those who encountered such beings were often told by the beings that those places were where they came from. Why? How could we be correct without actually knowing? Because that is what people expected.

This goes back to an early point in this piece. What are the cultural expectations for aliens? Consider this: People think the beings come from some distant planet, they think the beings fly in ships that look and move a certain way. So what do they see? Exactly what they believe to see. So are they real? In general, the film would say yes, but not exactly in the way you might think.

The main point of the film, and my writing this piece, is that these beings are not extraterrestrial life. They are not beings from another planet, they did not evolve, they are not our parents, they are not benevolent, they have no actual physical form nor do they come to visit us in some sci-fi craft. These beings are not aliens but are in fact demons.

What the film states and what even some scientists are concluding is that these beings are not of this world, or universe, or dimension. They could not be because of the above issues: they defy logic, reason, and science. For Christians, they stand and work in opposition to God and the Scriptures. Instead, these beings are from another dimension, says the film, and it is not to our benefit that they are here. These are messengers of Satan to deceive us. Like ghosts or paranormal activity, these beings appear as aliens to people who are open to believing in “them” and can easily, or sometimes not as the case may be, be led astray from the Lord. What they appear to be is not real, but they themselves are very real indeed.

But why would they do this? Why “abduct” us, harm us? What do you mean that they are pulling people away from Christ? These questions might be asked because we are still thinking of these beings as aliens and not what they truly are. But know this: they are demons. When I speak of these beings, and what the film makes quite clear, I mean that they are real, demons, or evil, unclean spirits.

It does not make sense to us that extraterrestrial life would travel from so far away, if they could, for the sole purpose of leading us away from Christ. So then why is it that so many people who have an encounter with, or speak to, or are abducted by aliens fall away or speak against the Lord? Think of the religions, even, that were started by someone who met one of these beings and then formed a religion distinctly anti-christian. There is Muhammad who, after claiming to have been visited by an angel, formed Islam. There is Mormonism that began much the same way, even going to the extent of implying Christ was one of these beings and that when people die, they will form planets just like this one! Then there is the well-known religion of Scientology that basically forbids having children, and suggests that abortions are better so that you are distracted from spreading Scientology; that these beings will come back to take them home; that Christ is not God. And of course, there is the multi-faceted New Age teaching that is not new and is definitely heavily reliant on aliens and evolution. None of these religions are based on God’s Word and all actively work against it. So why do these  supposed aliens and their followers have an active goal to lead people from Christ?

In short, because your eternal soul is at stake, and Satan wants it.

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

~ 1 Timothy 4:1 ~

Christians, this is a spiritual battle. The film makes this clear, but I can only urge this even more strongly. I fear that in our day-to-day lives, we are only vaguely aware that the devil prowls around us, seeking to devour us (1 Pet. 5:8-9). We seemingly ignore the spiritual battle that wages all around us. But dear friends, we must keep this in mind, not only for our sake, but for the our children and those around us. We must be vigilant and recognize the spiritual warfare in the way it manifests itself in the world. As the film points out, aliens are one of the current ways it has manifested.


For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

~ Ephesians 6:12 ~

Perhaps I should have said that sometimes truth is more dangerous than fiction. This is a real spiritual battle we are fighting, and it is to our detriment to ignore its reality.

The film claims that these encounters are real, and clearly explains why these beings seek out these people. In the film, there were multiple people who were interviewed about their encounters. They were frightening, to say the least. There were one woman who told of another’s encounter; she said that the being made her feel love after immense amounts of pain, as if to seduce their victims. Others told of traumatizing sexual experiences, or ones where they were experimented on. They spoke of great pain they felt. One man said that he was put into an immense amount of pain, and the being laughed as if it were entertaining. Many spoke of paralization. All accounts sounded demonic. They were. In the process, whether they were told by the beings or not, they were led away from the Lord. These beings sought to lead people away from the Lord because that is the goal of Satan as the adversary. I cannot do justice to their testimonies. They need to be heard.

In spite of their experiences, these people had hope. It was on this hope that the film ended. In the later years of some of their lives, after living so long in fear, they came to a faith in Christ. Moreover, many found that by praying, staying in the Word, having communion with Christ, and calling on His Name during these encounters, they would have peace. Each one of these people noted that during a final encounter, they called on the Name of Jesus and the being would vanish, or shriek in pain. One woman noted that when she said “Jesus, help me” when one visited it to her, it tried to deceive her once more by saying, “I just came to check on you.” But she rebuked it, and it vanished. Another replied that it claimed to know who Jesus was before it vanished. But the main point was that in the Name of Jesus, these evil spirits were powerless. He is the Name about all names.

for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

~ Romans 10:13 ~

Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.

~ Acts 5:16 ~

He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.

~ Matthew 10:1 ~


Christians, this is why we need to be aware of this spiritual battle. It is very real and very dangerous. These people found hope, but many have been led astray and are still lost, even many people who are or used to be Christians. Aliens, or rather the demons deceiving us in such a form, are not of God or the Scriptures. They are out to deceive us in any and every way. There is no wonder why they  and their message appears to be  almost true – they fit our preconceived perceptions of what they should be.  They are sent by the father of lies; they have only our worst interests in mind.

What’s more, if people allow themselves to be deceived by these aliens, their children are also at risk. A couple of the testimonies included in this film noted that their parents had experienced and believed in aliens, and others had played with devices that, though are said to be all good fun, actually summoned demons. These are not games, but tools to lead people astray.  My pastor even noted that he had encountered generational curse within families. It is not a new phenomenon for multiple generations to have a spiritual inheritance, whether good or bad.

And do not think that the coming generations will be immune to other deceptions. Think of how prevalent the idea of aliens has become in media. Many of the Millennial generation can probably remember the movie E.T. What about the more recent kid’s film Monsters vs. Aliens? There are other ones like Lilo and Stitch and Aliens in the Attic. There is of course the “classic” trilogy Men in Black, which feeds the myth surrounding the Roswell Incident. How about the Close Encounters films? Even movies such as Star Wars and seemingly every recent Marvel movie has to do with aliens and extraterrestrial life and often evolution. And this is just what is consumed for entertainment! These may seem harmless, but what one fills their minds with can affect ones worldview, especially if someone does not have a solid foundation.


Yet we have this hope. We know that we are held by Christ, and as we pray, we pray to be delivered from temptation and the evil one. But that does not mean that we or our children without risk. Many christians do no know their Scriptures, do not know Genesis, do not truly know the divinity of Christ! They do not know how to defend their faith nor how to react when confronted with such things as aliens. Christians, we need to be on guard against such things and hold fast to Christ lest we be led astray.

We have this hope. We do know Christ, His salvation, His peace. But one thing that the film noted was that many people who seek answers of these encounters go to the Church and the Church, in one manner or another, pushes them away. Pastors or leaders do not know what to do with alien encounters. They are at a loss of on how to help people. Sometimes people go there and do not find answers or are turned away. So instead, many turn to a religion that will give them answers, such as the aforementioned religions. People want something to believe in, and they want something that recognizes them. If we tell people that they are delusional, or that what they experienced is not real, they will walk away and we will miss sharing the Gospel with them.

As I said before, these encounters are very real, even if not physical. They are spiritual and people need spiritual help. What better place is there for people to come to than the Church and to Christ? They need to hear the Gospel and to call on the Name of the Lord, to lean on Him for understanding and strength and salvation. We Christians have a  responsibility to know how to defend the faith and how to help these people. Know what you believe. Respond and reach out to those searching, otherwise they will fall prey to the devil’s schemes.

The questions will come as the deceiver will still deceive. Eternity is at stake. Are we ready?




Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage – with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teach to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myth.

~ 2 Timothy 4:2-4 ~

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned.

~ Galatians 1:8 ~

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.

~ Acts 4:12 ~



This may have sounded more like a commentary rather than a review. I am fine with that. I want you, dear reader, to know what the movie is because I think it is important that you know the truth, just as the CMI wants people to know the truth. They have not been shy about its advertising, purpose, or message!

My actual review is that it was a good film. Unlike other films like this that I have seen in the past, this one was well-made. The presentation was clear and it flowed well. I laid out this piece much like CMI laid out the film. It began with the history – a more detailed narration than I what I gave – and then moved on into the science, weaving quotes and data seamlessly throughout the film. Finally, it allowed those who had experienced  these beings a chance to speak. They talked about their encounters and the aftermath. And as I explained above, the encounters were demonic in nature.  I was cut to the heart as I listened.  CMI did not negate their testimonies nor shame the victims. Instead, they looked on them with compassion, and others like them, because they had fallen prey to the wiles of the devil. They had been hurt, deceived, but they were not without hope.

The film ended with many quotes from scripture, some of which were included above. The interviewees shared how they came come to know the Lord and professed their faith. They found hope in the Lord like an anchor, and hoped that others might as well. CMI  did well with this film. It does not look like it was made in the ’90s, the research is up to date, and the presentation and “plot-line” was well thought out. I was engaged throughout. All in all, I would highly recommend everyone to watch this, and especially leaders in the Church. You should go see it, if only to glean what I missed. I could not, and probably should not, put literally everything from the movie into this piece. That would be ridiculous. This is a starting point. If you do choose to see the movie, perhaps you will see the need, like I did, to take a notebook with you.

Blessings to you and yours,



All facts, testimonies, and quotes come from the film Alien Intrusion produced by Creation Ministries International. The above image was promotional for the movie and is not my own.




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