Review: Man Up!

Man Up! is a book for men who want to know how to be truly masculine and what that means and have grown up in a society that has "simply lost - or forgotten - the collective knowledge of what it means to be a man."

Review: Bonhoeffer

Review: Bonhoeffer

Review and Commentary: Already Gone

I struggled for a couple of weeks to write this review, and thus it is rather long. I do hope, however, that you find both my words and this book helpful.

Repost: Review – Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor

A repost from another blog I write for. Perhaps you do not recognize yourself doing it. Perhaps you do not acknowledge the effects. Perhaps you think you are alone, without hope. Rev. Thoma’s Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor highlights various ways congregations, laypeople, other ministers, and friends can slowly, but surely, destroy their pastor, or any …

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Commentary and Review: Alien Intrusion

I am going to write on something I do not typically write on: I am going to do a movie/documentary commentary and review. I find it difficult to define what this film actually is. It is part movie, part documentary, part engaging information. So I will call it just this: a film. Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a …

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