Review: Behold the Lamb

This is a nice book that illustrates verbally and visually some of the symbols that a person will usually see in Church.

Review: The Cruciform Way, Vol. 1

Author: Rev. Christopher Thoma Publisher: Angels' Portion Books I've been wanting to read The Cruciform Way for quite some time now, but I still had other books by the author to finish, so I hadn't gotten around to getting a copy. But I was blessed to have the author send me one, and I have …

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Review: Starlight and Time

This book has made me better appreciate the work scientists do to help the layperson appreciate the world that God has made for us, and maybe help us understand this world a little bit better, too.

Review: House of Living Stones

Katie Schuermann's House of Living Stones is a wonderful novel for anyone who loves realist literature. This book will make you laugh, cry, and feel with the characters you are reading about.

Review: Wonderfully Made

Image from Goodreads. Author: Rev. John Kleinig Publisher: Lexham Press For those with even one finger on the pulse of our culture, it is evident that we find ourselves in a weird mix of both gnostic and hedonistic ideologies. Much of the culture pushes the notion that there is no spiritual world, no life after …

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