What Have We Done?

Another small piece I wrote recently. Again, I will have more on the topic soon.


This is graphic and will make you cry. Viewer discretion is advised.


All the same, I encourage you to watch and share this video. I encourage you to watch and challenge your friends to step out of their lives and think for one moment, “What on earth have we done?” What on earth has this would, our nation, come to? What have we allowed to happen? Murder, death, brutality.

I love history. I love looking back and seeing where we came from and what legacy was left behind by our ancestors. I think on that. We all should. But then I think about how wrapped up our culture is in not wanting to die, to leave something behind so that we are remembered. We want to leave something that future generations will say, “oh yes, that came from that generation.”

What are we going to be remembered for? Other decades had electricity, the moon landing, or world records. We’ve got some bad ones too, like wars and disease and fighting amongst ourselves.

But what haunts me is that we will be remembered as the generation that killed our own children. As the generation that hated, despised life. The generation that was so wrapped up in progress, the future, and protecting the earth for days to come that thy forgot about the generations that were meant to remember it. We forgot how to cherish, how to love, how to protect. We forgot that we were made in God’s image with a sacred life.

And we destroyed it all.

Why? Because we embraced the lie that said we were worthless because it gave us freedom from God’s rules.

And everyone seems to be okay with that. We all seem to be okay with being remembered as the culture of death. And we can’t deny it anymore. It is out there and it’s shameful.

Are you ready, America, to be remembered as the culture of death to the innocent?

~ Rose

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