For Greed and an Insatiable Bloodlust, We Kill Our Own

This is not one of my better pieces that I have written, so please excuse the typos. I am too infuriated and overwhelmed to go over it all again right now. But this needs to be heard. This piece is not complete. I’ve been holding off on saying anything on this subject because I’ve been hoping to write a good deal on it, but I can’t put this off. Someone needs to be a voice for the silenced.


So another one of these videos exposing the evils of planned parenthood has come out. It doesn’t come as a surprise, and it shouldn’t to you either.

I have to pause these videos from time to time as I’m watching them to keep from getting overwhelmed. I can’t imagine what it was like for these producers and actors to have to go through that, to have to talk like nothing is wrong, going through a normal procedure, and conversing with calloused people.

It sickens me, deeply, every time I see these. They don’t shock me, I know what’s coming and I would expect no more from these humans lacking humanity. But to hear them go on like they are talking about meat, or a plant, or a fossil. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else to compare it to. In fact, I think they’d be more upset over a fossil coming in “damaged” than a mutilated – ahem, sorry – specimen that was damaged. Yes, they talked about how some specimens or “intact cases” come in damaged. Gracious sakes people, you’re talking about a baby! A child! You know, those mini people that contain the same life, the same organs you do but somehow you’ve justified harvesting theirs? I don’t give a damn if your researchers are upset. They’ve lost a human that was tortured to death that they wished to experiment on. Also, in case you, the reader, didn’t know, “intact cases” means that the baby was born alive and shipped whole to these companies/organizations. Probably, they died shortly thereafter, were suffocated, or possibly even still alive when dissected. And some of you might think “well they usually inject a chemical into them so that they die before birth and tearing them apart.” Not true. While the “doctors” might find new and creative ways to kill the child after or during delivery, that chemical will not be used. Why? Because it destroys the tissue therefore making it worthless for researchers.

And the numbers?? FIFTY. FIFTY “specimens” every. Single. Week. In case you can’t count, that is FIFTY lives snuffed out for the sake of “science”.

Apparently, this organization had to disassociate itself with PP because there were too many questions coming their way. Can’t handle confrontation, can you? No, of course they can’t. They don’t want to take responsibility of their actions nor face the horror that they’ve caused, or at least condone and help along.

They complain about the cost, monetarily, and the time because things get damaged. They complain because specimens weren’t delivered on time, or they weren’t the correct ones, or they don’t get them at all. Don’t they realize the cost of destroying a life? That doesn’t affect just one, but at least three people. But more importantly, one will be destroyed that can NEVER be replaced. You can redo research, or find a dog to experiment on (yes, I did just say that. I like animals, but I love people). You can’t press “restart” once a person is dead. Realize, that counts for every person and we will have to give an account. They complain that time is wasted when these children were denied time to live. These children were wonderfully made, they weren’t damaged until these monsters touched them. No, “specimens” are not fragile, life, children are fragile.

And researchers are freaking out, or they don’t want to see it. Yet, just mutilate it a little more and then they can stomach it for a little while longer.

And what about the mothers? These videos discuss the filth and disease in these clinics. Not only will they most likely get breast cancer, or never have children again, or worse, kill themselves because they can’t live with the guilt, but now people are admitting that these clinics carry disease? They are worried about touching the specimens, how about the women who make it out of those places? What are they dealing with now? If PP was really concerned about women, they’d start with these issues first. But they won’t because they don’t care. They care only about the money involved and have some sort of insatiable bloodlust to go along with it.

This destruction of human life needs to end. I’m praying desperately that it will and that these doctors will have a change of heart. Christians, we need to pray. I know I’m writing this angry, but this is justified. This scale of murder is not acceptable. We read the Bible and hear of a god named Molech. The people who worshiped this god sacrificed their children to it probably by the thousands if not millions. We’ve got a new god today, it’s called the scientific community. I enjoy studying science, and scientists have done great things for us, but this is unacceptable. How do you justify the murder of one life in order to maybe, possibly, you know maybe one day this might actually produce a cure for something. And even if it did, I would still not condone it. But you see, it’s never been about a cure, it’s been about greed. These people need to see the truth and find God. But until they do, we must do what we can to end this terrible practice. We are living in a culture of death. It’s time to bring life back to our lives.

In prayer,


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