The Root of Abortion

So… this began as just a commentary on the latest video exposing planned parenthood, but I got a little carried away.
If nothing else, read the article and watch the 10th video exposing the murder of children. Yes, I know it’s not a “buzz word” anymore, and I know it’s not really a popular topic, but at least read the article by Matt Walsh. And, if you care to read more, read my comments on it as well.…/planned-parenthood-guts-babies-a…/

And now my few words… I’d apologize for the sarcasm laced in my writing because I know that can get annoying, but I feel like it’s really hard to express anger over text, so hear goes something…


Apparently, the form of greed that requires the selling and buying of baby parts is okay.

Apparently, serial killers on the same level as Nazi “scientist” Joseph Mengele are applauded.

Apparently, legally killing a select group of people for science, profit, or just a general bloodlust is disgusting if done by the Nazis, Russians, or other murderous group, but is acceptable if done by “registered doctors” and a center that “does more than JUST abortion”. But seriously, at this point, does it matter if they do anything else besides abortion? Women’s health seems to be getting put by the wayside here.

Of course, this is all for women’s health. They’ll tell you that’s all they are there for, that’s what the headlines say. Though I wonder what guidelines they are following when they state clearly that they don’t want to be “bullied” by “ridiculous laws”. Wow, I sure feel like our women are being treated with care.

These people are lawbreakers. These people are murderers.
Yet somehow and for some inconceivable reason what appears to be the majority of people have deemed this acceptable. This mindset is without reason, for only a person without reason could deem this atrocity acceptable. I am dumbfounded and without the words to express my disbelief that people can stomach what PP does and then talk down to others and say, “Well, we’re helping women not be burdened by children.” Yes, because children are a burden. And women are much better off with cancer, emotional instability, and increased suicide rates. On top of that, they get to live with the fact that you encouraged them to kill their babies. Great job!

What a joke, “planned parenthood”. Their motto is that they kill babies that were “unplanned” or “accidents”. Man, I’m sure that’s a great mindset to raise kids with. That couldn’t cause any lack of self-worth or lack of respect for human life later down the road. Or raise adults to believe they can dispose of their children for a new model like they are buying a car or something.

I am ashamed of America. I really didn’t think that I’d ever say that. I love this country and what it stood for and was founded upon. But we have simply thrown it out the window. We’ve replaced God with man and his ever changing “absolutes”.

Is this what you wanted, America? A world where people think that laws are “bullies that won’t let us have our way”? A world where it is ACCEPTABLE to kill an unborn child? A world where death is celebrated instead of life? It makes me sick.
Just think for one. little. second. Yes, think. For yourself. Do some research, shake things up a bit.

Where do you think this all began?

Reallllyyy stretch your mind. When did the murder of the unborn become acceptable? No takers? It began with racism. It began with the idea that there were some races of people were born to serve and some were born to rule. No no, don’t be close minded. I’m not talking about businesses. I’m talking about TWO SEPARATE races of people were one can be treated like an animal, like dirt, to be worked and killed as the second race seemed fit because they were “more fit”. Now that phrase sounds familiar, does it not? Yes my friends, evolution will get brought into this too. You know, that unproved theory taught to all children everywhere as the gospel truth. Oh, can’t say gospel. That might be offensive.

Now what does evolution have to do with this? Well, after the enlightenment – that time when “new and great” ideas were brought to the light – people brought back the great idea first proposed by the Greek philosophers that there were some born to serve and some born to rule. They came to a sticky situation though. How do we prove this? Because free thinking is great and all, but we have to have proof. Well, it wasn’t too long after that when a very famous man who had rejected God and needed a “creator” without a God popularized his theory of evolution. You got it, the renowned Charles Darwin. And yes, I know he didn’t “come up” with the idea of macro-evolution, but he popularized it. So we’ll leave it at that.

But what does this have to do with abortion and racism you ask? Well, do you ever wonder why it was taught that Africans were the lower race? Or, better yet, why secularists believe that people came out of Africa? That was evolutionary thought. Basically, primate or ape-like creatures were considered to be the ancestors of humans. And would you like to take a wild guess at who fit the closest link to that chain? Africans. Thus, we have our lower race. Yet what made this great was that this ideology allowed for the mistreatment of those people and lawful slaughter.
Evolution didn’t just give people a “creator” without the God of the Bible, it gave people the permission to kill other people because they were closer to animals than Europeans. That’s right, it gave people permission to kill people. Because they were considered “lesser people”.

Sound familiar? It gets better!

Darwin had a cousin by the name of Francis Galton. Now Galton, like Darwin, was fond of someone named Thomas Malthus. Malthus wrote on the progress of society and how the weaker, the lees fit, should die off or be killed off so that society could progress and that the stronger could survive. A proponent of his was John Maynard Keynes, an economist. Other contemporaries were Herbert Spencer and Alfred Russel Wallace, all huge supporters of Darwin and his theories on evolution, races of men, and the survival of the fit society.

But Galton took this a step further. He didn’t just want the stronger to survive, he wanted the weak to be killed off. He was in fact the coiner of the word “eugenics”. That’s right, that same word used to exterminate millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, and in American. Africans. This theory was embraced because its end-goal was to purify the human race, the genetic code, to get the most fit or rather the best humans. This should ring a bell as this was the goal of Hitler, most clearly understood by his words that “The Germans were the higher race, destined for a glorious evolutionary future.” Nothing like being clear about your intentions or ideology.

These ideas, though, were surprised after the holocaust and the evils b soviet Russia were exposed. So, like the flawed, corrupt beings that we are, someone found a way to get around this. This person was a woman, and her name was Margaret Sanger. She, as probably nearly everybody knows, was the founder of Planned Parenthood. While today’s culture deems her as the defender of the poor, the helpless, and the female, she was actually a devout racist and, believe it or not, supported the KKK. Her views on birth control were not really for giving women power, but to take away their great power to bear children. She didn’t support women, instead she took away the very thing that makes them wonderful. Not that there aren’t other things, but seriously, have you ever really considered how incredible that is? Take a moment, ponder that, and then read on.

So Sanger encouraged that women should deny and abuse that part of themselves but, of course, didn’t stop there. Her organization Planned Parenthood decided to kill the children that women had. Saying that women wouldn’t be hindered from going farther in life, that those children aren’t wanted or are mistakes. But those centers were strategically placed. No, they weren’t just “everywhere” for “all women”. They were designed to eliminate Africans and placed in their communities. Her goal was to get rid of those “near animal” people and aid in purifying the human race through Eugenics.

So that’s where the idea of “less fit” people came from. That is why the enslavement of Africans lasted as long as it did. That is why racism is seen today. And that is where planned parenthood has its roots.



Do you people realize the roots of this terrible organization? If you’ve followed me this long, I commend you. That was a lot to read though. But by I hope you see the roots of this organization and perhaps have a deeper conviction as to why this organization needs to be demolished, and torn apart b the roots.
Because apparently the ripping apart of children doesn’t do it for the majority of America.

These people are scared to let the news hear of this. They are scared of e-mails, and headlines, and videos that display the truth for all to see. It isn’t pretty, and PP and its condoners know it. I’m not really sure if they know it’s wrong. I think their greed may consumed them to the point that they don’t realize how inhuman they have become. I don’t think the realize that they are no better than Mengele who experimented – tore apart, cut open, inhumanely murdered – on children. I’d like to think they don’t know that, but they seem pretty proud with labeling murder “science” and greed “compensation”.

Children are treated with the same respect as a hog in a slaughterhouse. Cut up nice and fresh for researchers to work on. It is disturbingly ironic that we treat them like hogs as Ernest Haeckel, the fraud with the embryos on recapitulation, considered one of the stages a fetus goes through in the womb is a hog.
So if people are just animals, why not kill and sell them like they are worth so little? Why not treat them like they are not made in the image and likeness of God? Why not teach evolution and that life has no purpose? Why not murder children in the name of science?

Why not? Because if we did the opposite, we’d realize that we are accountable to our actions in the eyes of God. And that terrifies us.

But dear Christians, we are accountable. Stand up, speak out, and do not be ashamed of the Truth. This evil must be abolished. Because if we don’t, what will be the fate of our children? We are past a culture of death, America embraced that when they shoved God away. Now we leave a legacy of death. Is that what you want our children to grow up with? Are we really going to keep standing by while they are murdered by the tens of thousands?



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