The Path that Leads to Christ

“Religions dozen for a dime.” That is a line in a song I learned when I was younger called “I Choose You.” The song spoke on how there are so many paths that we could follow in this world, so many ways that look appealing to walk on, yet we should and do choose Christ over all. The rest are cheap and are have the same end, destruction; but Christ’s way is different, above all, and promises riches above measure and a new life yet to come. Still, the temptation is there, and we must be steadfast in holding onto Christ.

See to is that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy that depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.

~ Colossians 2:8 ~

This world had a name for every belief anyone could wish for under and including the sun. But the only thing it fulfills is human desire. “Let us be like God” was the idea behind the fall in the Garden and the building of Babel. It was and is the principle of this world: denying the supremacy of Christ. It creates what we want to believe so that we do not have to change how we live. We make God like us and we become ‘god’, which brings no salvation. Therefore, do not conform to this world and its desires, they are made only of what the flesh wants and will pull us further from Christ. As the verse says, they are hollow, deceptive of their true value and misleading of their true teachings. In the end, any road other than the path laid out by Christ will lead only to our destruction. Therefore, be on your guard, hold only to what is in line with Christ’s Words, and be discerning of what is Truth.

~ Rose

6 thoughts on “The Path that Leads to Christ

    1. Of course. God’s truth is the only truth. We are simply flawed humans searching for something infinite and perfect. And God has revealed this to us, His Truth, through Christ. The only Way, the only Truth, and the only life.


      1. The claims of a living God who’s Hand is on me today. The evidence of Him is all around us in everything He has made, in the history written down for us over the centuries, and in His Word inspired by Him and given to us. He is consistent where men are changing, He is perfect where men are fallible.
        Tell me, what do you base your foundation on? I am curious.


      2. Men claiming to speak for a god does not mean that that god has spoken. Many men in many different religions have made the same claim about many different gods (thousands of them). And many people made similar claims in books that were not included in the bible and tell very different things. As for the things god created being proof of his existence, that is circular – assume a god made something you know exists, then cite it’s existence as proof the god in question is real. It is the same logic as saying “of course zeus is real, we’ve all seen lightning and heard thunder!” No one ever established that lightning and thunder come from zeus, and no one ever established that anything came from yahweh or allah or any of the thousands of gods of various religions. Or any god at all.

        You ask what I base my foundation on, but that depends on the idea in question. As for my foundation for how the universe began, I don’t claim to know.


      3. Many a man may claim to speak for God, many a man have claimed to be God, yet no man has been willing to die for such a belief nor gather so many followers for 2,000 years who have lived and died for that Name.

        No god has the same laws of morality. No god has made a promise from the beginning of history to send a Savior for our sins. In fact, many religions claim that we are not sinful or we have to work in ourselves to be saved. Everything is based off mankind with very little need of a savior. Our God promises peace, life, and love. Not chaos, destruction, hate and fear.

        I am not sure what books you are referring to. Care to digress? If you are referring to the books written that were in consideration to being put in the Bible, they were not because the teachings were not in line with the Scriptures and Christ’s message of salvation. Also, the authorship was sketchy. Whereas the cannon of Scripture has remained consistent over the centuries.

        My proof is that our world begs the need of a Creator. It cannot have happened by chance. The order, complexity of life, the evidence in history, all back this up. Including the fact that ‘science’ has not come up with a good explanation of life coming from non-life and still having no reason that explains where that nonlife came from in the first place. In addition to that, the ideas keep changing. I’d much rather stick with a firm foundation, from beginning to the end.

        We all have a sense of ‘conscience’ and this moral code is backed up by Scripture. Like, say your partner was cheating on you. You would feel angry because you know that is wrong. If a close person to you was killed, you would know that is wrong. If someone stole from you, you would feel wronged. Of course, part of that has to do with our society and its laws. However, we have a Judeo-Christian society, aka, laws based upon Scripture.

        Also, all people have an innate desire to worship something. Always a higher power, or something we feel secure with. Christ is the only ultimate being, the only that has claimed creation to destruction, and promises our salvation and died for it. “When I consider your heavens, the moon and stars which Thou hast ordained; what is man that Thou art mindful of Him? The son of man, that Thou visiteth him?” Because out of all the things that God created, we were made in His image and He cared enough to die for us. That is what makes Christianity different.

        True, we are working with unobservable origins. We cannot know anything for certain. However, where does the evidence trail lead us? Always back to Christ. I won’t deny satan leading people astray, nor will I deny outright denial because some people are willingly ignorant.

        And for response of the Zeus comment, that would be another example of false gods, made by man, who were flawed as humans were. They consisted of nature’s elements, and the religion has since died out because of its faulty foundation.

        So you have no foundation for what you believe?


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