Without Excuse

We live in an incredible world. Everything from the outer stretches of the galaxies, to our tiny solar system; from the complexity of life, down to the smallest atom. Everything is balanced, perfectly in place, and is set there by our Creator. It shouts His majesty from every particle. Yet somehow, people still choose to believe that is happened by chance. That somehow, none of it shows order, design, or purpose. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I am looking at the same creation when someone says they see chaos and I see purpose.

For the invisible things of Him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and godhead, so that men are without excuse.

~ Romans 1:20 ~

As much as I’d like to only show the happy, comforting, feel-good side of things, the truth hurts sometimes. And as much as most people would like to think otherwise, we are without excuse when it comes to believing the reality and person of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everything is His creation, and everything down to the very image of us shows God. Patterns, numbers, and design all shout that there is a Creator, and not only our Creator, but our Savior as well. It hurts to admit that we are fallible beings; we are humbled when we realize that we are not the ultimate answer. Yet that is such a comfort as well, because the good news is that God is our Savior. He created the world, He knows its beginnings, He knows its end, and He holds us in His hands. The evidence of Him is all around us, we are without excuse. It is undeniable to see, it is inexcusable to ignore. The question is, will you accept or deny the self-evident Truth?

~ Rose

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