Stumbling Block Called ‘Me’

Just when I think that everything is going smooth,
Another curve gets thrown in the road.
When I thought that I knew where my heart was set,
Another hurt gets thrown in the mix.
Right when I think I’ve moved past my memories,
Another one gets brought into my present.
When I think that my future is set,
Something happens to make it confused.
When life is heading where I think I want it,
Another heartbreak happens.
Just when I think I have made good friends,
I pull away from them once again.
Just when I think I have friends I can trust,
They break it from me surely.
When I think that have ‘me’ under control,
Another temptation is pushed in my way.
When I think I’ve learned every lesson,
Another one is taught me.
And when I think that I know the ones I’ve learned,
They all get taught to me once more.
Right when I think that pain has ended,
A storm of tears floods my face.
When I think that I have no more fear,
Love is once again stolen from my heart.
When people call me kind and I feel alright again,
I remember how very unforgiving I am.
I keep failing
I keep falling
I keep stumbling my own feet.
My head is held high when my heart has falling lower than the earth.
My skin appears fine, but my skeleton is crumbling.
Yet right when I think that all hope is lost,
It is found right around the corner.
Right when I think my world is over with,
Another year starts anew.
Right when I think that I am beyond any hope of rescue,
God sheds His grace and mercy on me again.
And right when I’ve given up on me,
God reminds me that He’s still fixing the cracks.
When I think that I’m building my story,
God reminds me that He is the potter.
Right when I think I have everything right,
God reminds me that I still need to lean on Him.

December 30, 2013 – A tribute to a new year


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