Review: Brave New World

Brave New World: a place devoid of all meaning and life.

Somebody’s gotta pay!

My first thought when I hear the above title is of a scene from the movie Night at the Museum. The plot is a little long, but in short the night guard gets caught and is tied down to the train tracks. He asks the characters, "Why are you doing this?" The character Jedediah says, "Somebody's gotta …

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Hope in Spite of Suffering

While people are more frequently reminded as they get older that things wear down and waste away, Christians can forget in their daily life that what we labor and strive for is not for this world but the next. We build up castles for ourselves when the Lord has promised us the world. We make …

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A Great Man and a Greater Source

As many of my literary friends may know, today marks the day that Shakespeare died and, likely, was born. Shakespeare was a great man; Shakespeare was a writer. He was a man who took old stories, history, and lessons and crafted them into plays and poems that have stood the test of time. Little more …

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Living the Wasted Life: “The Beast in the Jungle”

A paper I wrote during my Undergrad studies reformatted as a speech I gave at the same University. Author: Henry James Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company Review The story of The Beast in the Jungle is to many a great unrealized romance. Throughout the tale, there are underlying sexual tensions, unrequited love, and overwhelming heartbreak, the loss …

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