Review: The Choir Immortal

Image from Katie Schuermann‘s Website

Author: Katie Schuermann

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

Once again, I was blown away by Katie Schuermann’s writing. Like the last book, this one was full of heart, suspense, and intense emotion. Best of all, it had a fulfilling end. I thought my heart would burst during the final pages. I cried a lot more during this book than the last one. Many scenes made me want to go get my kids and just hold them close. There are many things to learn from this book, but that is not what makes me love it the most. There are many relatable characters, but that isn’t only what draws me into her writing. No, Katie Schuermann writes stories the old way, the best way. She tells a story, and in it, you find virtues and meaning. Unlike so much of Christian fiction, which offers up halfhearted morals and wraps a story around them, Katie Schuermann writes good stories, ones that pull me page after page, eagerly reading on and excited for the next book when I finish the first one. She is a wonderful writer, and I cannot recommend this book enough.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Madelyn Rose Craig

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