Review: My First Hymnal

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

My daughter loves to sing. She has been humming and trying to sing since she was a little baby. That love has only grown since she’s been able to talk! During the shutdowns, we ended up having to do church at home. Thankfully, my husband and I both have hymnals of our own. We even had a little pocket hymnal that our daughter used on occasion. But in all honesty, it was not designed (paper-wise) for small children. So, we decided to get a hymnal that was meant more for a child her size. That is when we found the My First Hymnal.

This little hymnal is a great resource not only for children but for families as a whole. The hymnal – and liturgy in general – was designed for children. These routines and rituals and scriptural songs are essential for teaching the Christian faith, and this is done best when people are young! While the My First Hymnal is an abbreviated version of the LSB, it is still quite helpful for teaching the faith.

The My First Hymnal is colorfully illustrated on every page in a way that adds to the content. For example, the hymns’ borders are colored and designed around the part of the church year they pertain to. This little book contains an abbreviated timeline of the church year, a handful of responsory Psalms, various prayers (including Luther’s morning and evening prayers), devotion settings, the Lord’s Prayer, the Apostle’s Creed, and a selection of hymns from the LSB fitting for every season of the Church year.

The devotion settings are ideal for a family trying to start regular devotions with their children. These one-page devotions include a responsory prayer and an indication to read Scripture and sing a hymn. The hymns contain only a handful of verses that are perfect for a brief devotion and a great introduction to what can be found in the larger LSB. There is also a first-line index for those of us who cannot always remember where a hymn is found!

Our family has come to love using this hymnal for our nighttime devotions. My daughter even asks to look through it and sing after we have laid her down to sleep. So many well-loved hymns are found within its pages, and it is a great start to learning how to form the habit of daily devotions in children. Though a hardcover, it is lightweight and sturdy enough for little hands. The My First Hymnal is ideal for families and a great introduction to the liturgy for children. This hymnal is a great resource for families with children or even adults looking for a smaller liturgical resource.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Madelyn Rose Craig

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