‘Trinity for Tots’ by Mary Moerbe Pre-launch!

Image from Mary Moerbe.

Hey! I was recently asked to review an upcoming book for a friend, and I thought I’d share it with all of you! It is called Trinity for Tots by Mary Moerbe. I know I don’t often review children’s books here, but as I am a mom to two young children and this is a book addressing a tricky subject, I thought I’d share this new (coming soon!) book with you!

The Trinity is a tricky subject to tackle, but Mary Moerbe does it well in this short, illustrated book for kids. These spiritual truths are not just for adults but for our children as well. So why not teach them now? Well, often I think parents shy away from talking about it because the Trinity is rather incomprehensible. Even so, we all seek an explanation. Thus, this book addresses the Trinity in a straightforward manner while avoiding metaphor that often leads to false teachings. Each page illustrates different symbols we associate with the Trinity or a characteristic of God. One can tell that the illustrations were pulled from elements of the catechism. In this way, the adult reader and listening child learn about our God together.

This book is very family-friendly. The illustrations are geared towards the younger ages, but I enjoyed the text, a series of rhyming couplets. I found the text to be comparable to most other lyrical children’s books. While the colorful illustrations help to illuminate the Trinity, utilizing familiar symbols that the child might recognize from their Church, there are only two images that someone from a non-Lutheran denomination might wish to know about before purchasing. There is one image of Jesus (a small depicture seen on the altar in a church scene) and a depiction of a child’s baptism.

Right now, the tentative release date is May 3rd (I’ll update this if that date changes). You will then be able to get Trinity for Tots in either print or kindle format. This would likely be a good book for church busy bags, nursery or preschool rooms, and perhaps even baptism gifts, especially to new parents. And don’t forget, Trinity Sunday is coming up at the end of May, so it might be an ideal time to talk with your kids about our Triune God that day!

UPDATE Apr. 27: You can now preorder this book.

This sweet, simple little book helps parents talk about a complex subject in an easy, fun, and straightforward manner. If you want to learn more about Mary Moerbe, her writing, or this upcoming book, you should check out her website. She also has many other resources you might find helpful as well!

Blessings to you and yours,

~Madelyn Rose Craig

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