Shifting Sands or a Rock Foundation?

Lately, I’ve been interested in archaeology, Egyptology, and chronologies. I’ve always loved science in some aspect, I think that it’s one of the best ways to find the details that God has put into creation. We see His hands in our lives, in politics,  in education, and so on. But we also see it in history, archaeology, biology, physics, oceanography, botany, astronomy, geology, paleontology, et cetera… the list goes on. I love it, hence the reason I love apologetics. Yet I know that many people don’t agree with me. Some say that the Bible cannot be trusted because secular scientists say so. One phrase they like to use is “the Bible isn’t a science textbook, so it can’t be trusted”. Thankfully, the Bible isn’t a textbook that gets revised from time to time. It has, is, and always will be consistent truth. The results we get all depends on the foundation we use.

We have two choices. “Science”, or what I’d rather call popular opinion, because in all honesty that’s what it is. Or the Bible. (Science is, for all practical purposes, neutral. It comes up and says, “Just the facts, ma’am.”) With secular scientists, they start with nothing, come up with an idea, and continually try to fit what their viewpoint is into what they teach; and for a lot of the time, it doesn’t line up with what we see. And along the way, they change their story because their discoveries conflict with what they thought.  On the other hand, God has given us His Word with a history, chronology, and not just ‘facts’ but truth lined on every page. Christian scientists start and end with His Word. And even if “the experts” say one thing at one time, we always find that there is harmony with science and the Bible. And over and over again, we have seen how science is confirmed by the Bible. What is somewhat comical is that it is before scientists have confirmed it. We don’t have to worry about something conflicting with the Bible, remember that God is Lord over His creation.  We can, quite literally, take His Word for it.
So back to my studies. I happen to listen to a radio drama series that goes on adventures that happen to do with different areas of science and how God’s Word always holds true. It’s an old series, and I’ve listened to it for years, but it has always increased my interest in apologetics. The latest talk? Egyptology, chronologies, and the authority of Scripture. Then today as I’m scrolling through different science articles, one by Answers in Genesis caught my eye. God had placed in one nice package an article on Egyptology. I was trilled with the scientists findings. Once again, the scientists looked back on their work and sad, “Oh look, the math is wrong and our ‘confirmed’ dates are incorrect.”

Once again, popular opinion lost to Truth.
As always, God’s Word holds true.

I know it’s a long read, but from about halfway down it stops talking about the previously used failed time tables to how archeology is in line with the Bible. I encourage you to read all of it and consider if you have not already: are you basing your thoughts, life, heart, future, and eternal soul on a Rock foundation, or on shifting sands?

~ Rose

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