Calling Evil Good

One of the most dangerous tactics that the devil uses to trap people is making what is evil look good. He is an angel of darkness masquerading as light, from the garden he questioned God and made something that was bad look like it might be pleasing. Now I want you to take a moment and think about something for a second: how often does society try to take something that God said and either twist it or say the exact opposite? It is like the devil whispers in our ear again, “Did God really say…?” Well, did He?

Did God say that marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman? Did he say that adultery is wrong? Did He say that life is precious? Did he say that it is wrong to steal? Did He say it is wrong to murder? Did He say that it is wrong to blaspheme? Did he say to put others before ourselves? Did He say that Jesus is the only way to come to salvation, truth, and eternal life? Did He say that He will fulfill His promises? Did He say that the devil is the father of lies and crafty to make us fall? The answer is yes.

Yet as sinful humans, we don’t always like to take God’s Word for it. And what do we see happening in the world?

We see see the sacredness being pushed aside for unholy unions. We see adultery treated like it is normal, acceptable, and almost condonable. We see life treated as if it is worthless and worth less than animals, then we wonder why so many children die and ‘races’ hating each other. We see people taking what they think is entitled to them yet never valuing what they have or working to get what they need. We see violence treated like a game and wonder why death comes so frequently and so young. We see God’s name used as a curse and the devil treated like an angel, ourselves like gods. We see lives convinced pointless searching for lost truth within, and days without hope. We see God showing that He was merciful to save us, and will also justly punish us. We see the devil twisting the truth of God and making lies appealing – our own selfish desires what we seek and the opposite of God’s commands.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” ~ Isaiah 5:20 ~

One of the most devastating realities is that we have done just that: we have called evil good and darkness light. It is a slippery slope. Remember, this is the dominion of the devil, he lurks in all places ready to snare us. Yet we like to make excuses for ourselves. We like to say, “Well, this isn’t all bad. He cheated on me, I really need this, this video game isn’t that harmful, that was only one bad word, this has some truth, I like this message, maybe I can get away with this, maybe he wasn’t always bad…” maybe he was just a victim of his circumstances. What? Call evil what it is: evil. Call good what it is: good. Let your yes be yes and your no be no – there is no middle ground here. When we start making a gray area when there is just black and white, we can know one thing for certain: we’re not in the white area anymore, it has been tainted with black.

Now I say all of this because 1) it needed to be said and 2) I stumbled across an article concerning a recent movie. I, like any other person, like movies. Though I don’t see them often, I find the cultural messages intriguing. They give me a chance to see what messages are being directed at people, and what messages people want to hear. This world has a knack for making truly bad people just be ‘misunderstood’ so they can get away with anything. And I’m talking on multiple levels of society. There needs to be consequences for our actions, and if someone or something is truly evil, then just call it what it is: evil. When we try to call what someone or something is other than the truth, it is like we’re creating excuses for them so that we can make excuses for ourselves instead of being accountable for our actions, and to God. In this case, it was the movie ‘Maleficent’ and Satan playing a game called “look, I’m good and God is a bully”. The result? We see the innocence of Aurora (people) marred and glorifying Maleficent (the devil) who is pure evil. Instead of Christ our Saviour, we have the devil looking like the one who brought peace to the world. Sound familiar? Read the book of Revelation, you might be able to find where they got the plot line from. It is another example of calling what is evil good, but goes to the next level: it blatantly calls Satan good. He is the epitome of evil. I find this incredibly disturbing and after reading the article, I’ve had second thoughts about seeing the movie. And in truth, it makes me question any other forms of entertainment I put up with. So I encourage you to also read it and consider other cultural ‘norms’ that are darkening the Light of Truth. And when you go to read something, ask yourself this: who is behind this message and what are they teaching me?

~ Rose

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