A Tale of Past and Prediction of Future

As much as I’d rather talk about creation and Gods design and such, I’m afraid that some things are slightly more important right now.

God has truly blessed us in this country.  We started as only a small handful of people who stood up against the world’s superpower at that time.  Then we began a Nation with freedoms, rights, liberties, and the possible to pursue our happiness here one Earth.  And we trusted God to bring us through and guide our country to where it should.  People, like my great-grandfather, came to this country to start a new life.  Immigrants with a  desire for the American dream,came to the land of prosperity and freedom.  A place where they had a freedom to rise above the constrictions of a class-based society.

Then we began to reject God and His goodness to us.  We told ourselves that we were strong on our own, and we didn’t need His guidance any longer, and took matters into our own hands.  People, why stray from what has held you for so long?  Why, after years of guidance by God, would you tell Him that you have no need for Him any longer?  But of course, when we rejected Him, we would need a new sense of security to fill that gap.

So we looked to political leaders to bring us to victory.  We looked to them to take care  of us, to make decisions for us, and to guide us.  For as they told us, they knew best.  Do they know best? Or were we simply trying to look for a structure and security that we had when we accepted God’s guidance?  But no, people still decided to take the over-lording, leaders in the political world.

But would you like to know what we have gotten in the past And would you like to know what is in store for us in the future?  Read on in the link I present below.  And if you ever have the time, read Ayn Rand’s ‘We the Living’.  I tell you, if you read them with an intent to know the path that our Country is taking, you will be terrified at our coming end.  And I tell you, it is not a pretty one.


I hope you find this at the least thought-provoking.  And perhaps, you might pass it on.  And just maybe, if a few strong are willing, we might be able to change our Country’s direction.



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