~ Hebrews 10:23 ~

A short “story” (if you will) that I wrote about a year and a half ago.

A woman’s husband went off to war.  Before he left, he told her, “I don’t know how long I will be gone, and I know you won’t know where I’ll be.  But I want you to write to me.  I want to know what has happened in my away years.  I will miss you every second that I am away, and I love you.  I cannot wait to be able to read everything that has happened.”  With tears brimming in both of their eyes, they departed.  Each to where they must wait until they saw the other again.

As she went home, she thought about the last words of her husband.  She went to bed with calming thoughts.

The next day, near the night. She got out her pen and ink and wrote out everything that had happened that day.  The ups and the downs, everything.  At the end she wrote, “I love you and miss you, and I will see you soon.”  Then she put the letter away, just waiting to be read one day.

For the next month, she faithfully wrote these letters, not caring how long they took.  But near the end of the year, she began to tire, and it was soon a few days before she would write to him.

But still, she would write to him, for she loved him.

Many years had passed, but still she wrote.  Though she never heard from him once, she wrote of all her life doings.  Sometimes it would be simple and boring, of wants and discomforts, but yet she still wrote them.  Then there were the ones so joyous and cheerful! She couldn’t wait for these to be read.  Many boxes were filled with the letters, and she continued on.

Then one day she got the news.  Her beloved husband was not coming home.  She cried for days, yet, she continued to write just the same.  Still she had hope.  She still had faith.  And she was given a command, “write to me, I want to know. I love you.”  And she hadn’t failed him all these years and wasn’t about to now.

So with tears and a heavy heart, she wrote again.  With a longing to see him again.  How she missed him.  And she knew she would see him again one day.

Months passed and she continued this daily love.  Her heart was written all over the papers.

Then one day, there was a knock at the door.  She walked over and opened it.  What she saw stunned her and brought tears to her eyes.  There before her with open arms was her beloved!  She ran to him and they hugged as though they would never let go.  After hearing his story of many years of being away he asked, “My dear, what has your life been like? I have missed you terribly.  Did you keep your promise?”  And with tears and a joyful heart, she brought him to a room.  A room filled with letter of her love and faithfulness of his years away.  He looked to her and said, “Thank you my faithful dear.  You have shown me love even when you were told that I would never return.  And now here I am as your full reward.”  And for the rest of their days, there was never another like them, filled with such love and contentment.

Now while that was a nice love story, it does have another message behind it.  This story begs the question: are we being faithful?  To anyone, our friends, family, spouse.  Yes, to them we are.  But what about God? Do we let Him know every little detail of us that He wants to hear?  Are we treating Him and giving Him the respect like our beloved? Do we tell Him everything?

The answer is really simple: we don’t.  I don’t, you don’t.   We are imperfect in our love.   Although we do try our hardest, sometimes He gets put by the wayside.

But yet, we all must strive to do everything we can to be faithful.  It is so easy to be faithful to other people, but why not to God? Why are we so unfaithful?  Because we are afraid of the message we received one day: that He might not return.  But yet, here is our promise from God.  The faithful will reign with Him one day when He returns.  Not if He returns.  And to continue to “write” to Him all of our doings.  Though sinful as we may be, He will answer all of our “letters”.  He loves us very much.  He even reads them before we “write” them down!

Our God is a loving God.  He cares for us and wants more than just for us to say we love Him, but to have a relationship with Him.

Thank You God for being immeasurably faithful, even when I fall short.  Please help me to strive to follow you and your paths.  Teach me how to write to you.

~ Romans 12:12 ~

~ 2 Timothy 2:11-15 ~


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