Sunrays Through Cloudy Days

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to thunderclouds roll over my home.   Lightning is flashing all around and the rain is a complete downpour.  The sky is a little scary right now, but I’m sure that it will all blow over soon.   I suppose we have to take the gentle rain with the torrential!

I’m remembering how just a short time ago, I was gazing at the fluffy white clouds that were outside my window.  Giant clouds…. I had no idea that they could turn so dark and stormy so fast.  It’s amazing how quickly they change.

You know, it’s really amazing how our water cycle works.  When it’s warm, water evaporates and creates clouds in the skies.  This cools things off.   It blocks the sun so things don’t become too dry.  Then, when the clouds become heavy and the conditions are right, all of that water pours down to water the earth and causes things to grow.  We have this whole heating and cooling system for our earth!  And more than that, this cycle cleans our water as well because when it goes up the the sky, it leaves all impurities behind.  Although most don’t know it, there is actually a perfect size for a raindrop.  It’s about 2 ½ mm, which is exactly the size of most raindrops!  This makes it so that when the rain hits the earth, it doesn’t erode away too much soil.  Think of it, without the rain, all life on earth would die.  We wouldn’t have this supply of pure water to quench the thirst of plants and even us! It really is an amazing system.   God created it just right for us to survive.

So although I’m not exactly a big fan of thunderstorms, being that I’m scared of loud noises, I’m glad that God causes the water to fall upon the earth.   I like to see all of the new life that is brought after the storm, especially now that it is springtime.   And besides, after storm has passed through, there are always lovely rain drops on all of the plants the sparkle when the sun comes out.

If any of you have my fear of thunderstorms, I hope that you will remember the sunshine behind all of those clouds and all of the new life that rain brings.   And also remember God’s amazing design of the water cycle.  He has truly blessed us in everything, even scary thunderstorms. 🙂

“The clouds poured down water, the skies resounded with thunder; your arrows flashed back and forth.”

~ Psalm 77:17 ~


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