Poetry: Shakespeare – Sonnet 146

For once death is dead, swallowed up in Christ's victory, "there's no more dying then."

Repost: Review – The Great Gatsby

A repost from another blog I write for. I recently read a classic that has been on my “to read” list for years but had never gotten around to reading: Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. I’ll be quite honest, about halfway through the book I didn’t understand why it had been made into a movie or why …

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Living the Wasted Life: “The Beast in the Jungle”

A paper I wrote during my Undergrad studies reformatted as a speech I gave at the same University. Author: Henry James Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company Review The story of The Beast in the Jungle is to many a great unrealized romance. Throughout the tale, there are underlying sexual tensions, unrequited love, and overwhelming heartbreak, the loss …

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