Review: Feeding the Lambs

Rev. Thoma's Feeding the Lambs seeks to answer questions about the meaning behind the practices of the faith we profess and how to communicate that meaning to children.

Repost: Review – The Angels’ Portion

As the author mused at the beginning of the book, The Angel’s Portion is not the book most would expect from a pastor, let alone a Lutheran one. For one, it has very little to do with “churchy things.” For another, it is about Scotch, not beer, so it may offend the German Lutheran. But if you …

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Repost: Review – Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor

A repost from another blog I write for. Perhaps you do not recognize yourself doing it. Perhaps you do not acknowledge the effects. Perhaps you think you are alone, without hope. Rev. Thoma’s Ten Ways to Kill a Pastor highlights various ways congregations, laypeople, other ministers, and friends can slowly, but surely, destroy their pastor, or any …

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