Review: Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue

Check out this brief book on the (ignored) history of the English language. We have a pretty amazing language. Best of all, you’ll get a kick out of this engaging read.

Poetry: Beowulf

“Do you want me to read it?” Before me sat half a dozen middle schoolers, watching with that wide-eyed curiosity and amazement that I know will be hidden in only a few short years. They watched and giggled and nodded their heads, some of them even cheering me on. They had already heard me read …

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Part 1: Allhallowmas: Saints, Feasts, and Holidays

How we got one of our most widely celebrated modern day holidays.

Comedy – We Laugh, We Cry, We Unify

Although I enjoy a large range of writings, mostly falling under the romantic section, I particularly love to laugh. Laughing is good for one's health, and gaining a few laugh lines is nothing to be ashamed about. One of my favourite, if not my absolute favourite, Shakespeare plays is Much Ado About Nothing. It is …

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Sunbeams: More than what Meets the Eye

Once again, I have stumbled across and interesting word that I think is worth sharing with people. Today? It is the word sunbeam. And after you have said and read it as many times as I have, it will not sound much like a word anymore. But bear with me, I promise it has a fascinating …

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