Review: When Harry Became Sally

In When Harry Became Sally, Anderson seeks not to dehumanize transgender people or trivialize the subject, but instead, he seeks to educate those who wish to understand transgenderism, and ultimately, to help those suffering from gender dysphoria.

Defending the Faith: Science and Racism

I find it incredible how often secular scientists get so close to the truth and yet end up right where they started - rejecting the authority of God's Word. I recently came across an article in National Geographic (NatGeo) that disturbed me. The article was There's No Scientific Basis for Race - It's a Made-Up Label by Elizabeth Kolbert. Now …

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Art Over Evidence Don’t let artistry fool you as evidence. There is no link between the ape kind and mankind. Both were created as separate and distinct kinds on day 6, and mankind was made in God’s Image. Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule …

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On the Liberty of the Press

  Author: David Hume Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company     In looking for something to read, I came across David Hume's Of the Liberty of the Press. While Hume and I disagree, for the most part, on the best form of government,  I do agree with him on the importance of the press. …

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