Review: Talking Back to Purity Culture

Review: Talking Back to Purity Culture A book of healing, honesty, and hope.

Review: A Christmas Carol

There is little wonder why this book has become a classic. Find yourself a copy, gather your family together, and read this short tale of a man who found his Help and a new life on the night before Christmas.

Speaking the Truth in Love

When Peter begins his message to the people gathered on Pentecost, he gives them a history lesson (Acts 2:1-41). These people were Jewish and knew their history, or at least they should have. The only reason they were in Jerusalem at that time is because of a feast. But Peter reviews it with them so …

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Repost: The Lord’s Prayer: Our Father

Currently, I am co-writing on another blog for a friend of mine. This is my first post written for that blog, the Lutheran Column. ~ While the Lord's Prayer is a well-known part of a church service, I sometimes wonder if there is a lack of intentionality and consideration in the recitation of the Prayer. …

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