Review: Faith that Engages the Culture

This is a book that every Christian should read as it will educate and embolden you to reach others, loved by God, with the life-saving message of the Gospel.

Review: Man Up!

Man Up! is a book for men who want to know how to be truly masculine and what that means and have grown up in a society that has "simply lost - or forgotten - the collective knowledge of what it means to be a man."


So much to do, so little time... And where does it all go?

Words, words, words…

What new challenges are you facing? I am currently immersed in so much reading material that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Between the book and all the printouts from dozens of websites, I feel like I’ve been in a month long crash course on how to publish (and it’ll take longer than that month!). My …

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Succeeding in Our Callings

How do we know our callings? What if we get discouraged? How can we succeed? Here are some thoughts and encouragement as we live life and fulfill our callings.