Looking Back on One Year

Wow! I can hardly believe it has been one whole year since I published my first book Names, Nations, and the New Testament! And I mean that. After years of researching and writing, and then the months editing and preparing for publishing, I can hardly believe how quickly just one year went by. Since that time, I have taken a half step back from more academic writing. I think it is good to rest from your interests from time to time. And though I still have some other projects I am working on and would like to share, I first want to look back and enjoy how far I have come.

As I look back on my journey to publishing, I can not help but think of my whole writing journey and how far I have come. I think about how I loved writing as a child, then grew to dislike and then hate it for part of middle school and high school. And yet, I found my love again and pushed towards writing one book before this one materialized. I think back to how I overcame fears, some of which I did not know I would have to hurdle to reach the goal of publishing. These were hurdles like my fear of public speaking. I once could not even give a speech before my parents, then barely before friends. But before long, I was winning competitions, and evening finding my voice in song. This prepared me to share my writing through blogs and my book and even for making videos! I faced the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. And though I am sure some people do not like my work, I appreciate everyone who has voiced their appreciation for what I have written. My fears were met, and my book won because of it.

And because I took those steps over years, I am now gearing up to take some more! I have already announced in previous posts that I am working on my next book. I am still on track with my timeline for publishing in April of next year. This is another fear I am overcoming. I had never really thought that I would publish a book of my poetry. I had mostly written poetry for fun (or to keep my sanity) and unconsciously decided it was just for myself. But I have been inspired to share when I have written and to write some more.

Honestly, I am getting so excited to share this new book with all of you. Yes, I am still afraid. But as I reflect on this book’s birthday, I remember that I have overcome these fears before. Whatever the outcome, I will be met with success again because I made a plan and followed through. And I am excited! I can hardly explain it. I am like a kid who knows they are about to go to the park and see friends and can not stop the giddiness. It literally makes them dance! 

I feel a similar sort of giddiness. I see poetry everywhere, and verse flows through my mind. Some I write down, others I ponder or laugh at. But whatever I feel, I am glad. Because these words are building to bigger and better things, a new future, and a marker for milestones met and achievements made. This day is more than a celebration of “day one” for my book. Though as a child, the book was there and building long before. This day marks years of dreams in the making. As I take new steps, I can always look back on this day and say, “Here is where I became what I dreamed and where I started a new adventure.” And as I continue this writing adventure, I look forward to having you all along for the journey.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Madelyn Rose Craig

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