Look at what finally arrived…

It’s finally here! The thing I’ve been waiting for, the culmination of months and years of writing and research, with pages and cover and everything, it’s the….

Proof copy of my book!!! (Cheers)

Ok, so technically the thing I’ve been waiting for is the finished copy of my book. You know, the one free of errors and is perfect in every way (just go with me on this). But this is definitely the next best thing!

As can be seen from the image above, this isn’t the final copy, and there are a couple of things I need to fix. But hey, that’s why we have proof copies! And while I’ve still got a tiny bit of work to do, most of which I did today, actually being able to hold a physical copy of a thing I made is pretty incredible. I can only imagine what it will be like to hold the real deal! And that’s only a little more than a month away! Until then, I’ll enjoy the pleasure of flipping through my book (did I mention it has like pages and a cover and everything?) until that day arrives.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Madelyn Rose Craig

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