Update on My Book

This is coming a little bit late, but I think that it is worth a post: I am done with the draft of my book! This is not like the “first” draft, but it is the first, all-in-one-place draft. Technically I still have a genealogy to create, an index to figure out, and a couple graphic design elements to set in stone, but it is done. And of course I have to wait for my beta readers to give me feedback, and I will have to do more editing once I get it all back. Wow, that still seems like a lot of work, and I am not even to the publishing yet! But hey, this is a huge milestone. I have been working on this book since the Autumn of 2015, technically. I have read hundreds of books, looked up countless old documents, translated handfuls of original texts, found more stories than I previously knew existed. Through it all, I found one theme: mankind is truly one blood.

While I was unable to put into my book everything that I wanted to – like Eden and Flood legends and a dissection of language and linguistic theory – I was able to put in most things, the things that I think will be most important to readers. This book perhaps will not be a best seller or one that a person would read cover to cover (like I do most research books). But that is OK. It is designed to be something like a reference book, but also as a greater argument for the reality of Babel found in texts, history, legends, genetics, linguistics, and Scripture. My hope is that my book will be a help to those who read it, and that it will be used to the glory of God.

Blessings to you and yours,


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