Draft Day!

I know; it is a corney joke. That day has actually already come and gone, but it’s true: I’m done with the draft! yes indeed, the draft of my book is complete. Well, rough draft. And there is an intro and conclusion I need to write, but I cannot do that until I get past the rough draft stage. One of the best pieces of advice I received in college was that you can’t write the introduction until the conclusion has been written, and you can’t write the conclusion until the middle is done. But to get to the point, I’m done!

Now the last chapter went by rather swiftly. This was accomplished due to two reasons: one was that the information was relatively easy to find, the other was that there was little to find. While Aram, his people, and his territory is easily identifiable, his sons were less so. The two older, Uz and Gether, could be found to the around the area of Damascus. Josephs records that Uz founded two cities: Damascus and Trachonitis. So while Uz himself is not named specifically, the city he founded remained as a center of Aram’s kingdom. Gether became more than a tribe and, in fact, became the small kingdom of Geshur, and his people called Geshurites. They encountered the Israelites on many occasions, most notably during the time of David. He married Maacah, the daughter of Talmai, the king of Geshur whose father was Ammihud. When Absolam fled from his father, he went to his maternal grandfather’s kingdom. While this kingdom eventually became part of the greater territory of Aram, the cities or archaeological sites can be found to this day.

But all of that can be discussed, or read in said book, later. For now, I am taking a short break. This won’t last forever, but taking a short break is nice. For one, I finally finished If on a winter’s night a traveler. I’m hoping to write a little something about it, so perhaps keep an eye out for that.

Anyway, those are all the updates that I have right now. I’m looking forward to getting into the editing process and assessing what I have written. But first, a bit of a break. Thanks to those who read this far. If nothing else, this is keeping me committed to writing consistently.

Blessings to you and yours,


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