Plates, Names, and Togarmah

Hello, all.

I meant to wait until Saturday to make another post, yet some things simply need to be written when they come to mind.

As you may know, I have been researching one grandson of Noah for the last couple of days and it has been frustrating to say the least. I ha e moved on to Togarmah and while he may not be as elusive as Riphath, he may have three times as many various names. Perhaps I am exaggerating, slightly, but the emphasis must be understood. It seems as though I have been dancing around the southern Turkey and northern Syria area, knowing my foot is bound to land on the right source, but getting awfully tired all the same. Still, I truly thank God that I was born in the era of the internet and search tools. Do not mistake me, as a former library worker and current research junkie, nothing can truly replace having a book in your hands. But I am not independently wealthy and have yet to own my own library. So the internet is a blessing.

Still, sometimes the endless interlocking circles of texts can wear me down.  I feel, some days, like I am balancing stacks of plates on my fingertips with each carrying a collection of names, maps, and words all waiting to fall. While I m balancing them, I move different plates to different fingertips. Then, just as I think they are going to fall, they do. Suddenly, all of them line up and I see that I made a trail that makes some semblance of sense from the first plate to the last, and I can write a paragraph at last. I do not always know how the jumps are made, but they are and the result is satisfying.

This is what just happened; alas, there is still more to do. But hey, here’s to one more step taken and one more victory won.
Blessings to you,


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