I am going to speak strictly to our nation, her people, and fellow Christians. Although it could be said of the world in general. We are selfish, self-serving, and have become a “me” centric society. The Lord has blessed us, yet we have taken Him for granted. We were the superpower of the world. We have great wealth and prosperity. Technology at its finest, pristine healthcare, and all the toys to play with from small to large that money can buy. We have food in every form and clothes in every style. We have all this and more, yet we lack. All of it is worthless, yet all of it is what we waste the most on.

You say, “I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.” But you do not realize that you are poor, wretched, pitiful, blind, and naked.

~ Revelation 3:17 ~

Our nation is poor of spirit, it is pitiful of morals, it is wretched of its teaching, it s blind to the truth. And all of this has become obvious. Friends, we used to be known as the most generous, the people with the highest morals, the most Christ-centered. What happened?

We started to focus too much on what we wanted and not what God wanted or others needed. We prided ourselves in what we could buy, or make, or achieve. But what is that in the end? Fuel for the fire? We used to be able differentiate between hot and cold. Yet now lukewarm is not only the easier route but the route most taken. There are so few true Christians – I mean those who stand up for truth – that our nation has been reduced to the wretched state that it is in. We, fellow Christians, have become too comfortable with fitting in instead of standing out. We have so much material that we have forgotten the worth of the spiritual. Moreover, we have forgotten to be thankful for both.

I charge you, my fellow Christians, to not be lukewarm in this world. You cannot ride the fence; not in any situation and especially not with God. Do not ride the middle line, which is no line at all. It is like saying, “I love God, but I do not want to give up this world yet. I enjoy it too much.” With that mindset, we live for ourselves instead of for Christ.  It is a slow change, like a disease. Then we turn away fully and lead others astray in the process.  Open your eyes and see the wretched state around you. Clothe yourselves with God’s Word. Make yourselves rich with the Truth and heavenly things. We have to be the ones to stand up; and not only because no one else will, but because that is our call. Then after we have done everything, to stand. Not just when it is easy, but when it is hard. Our nation is at it is worst, so it is more essential now. We have prided ourselves too long with our “achievements” as a nation and not been thankful for what God gave us. We are blinded by our own remedies. We Christians have become too comfortable with mediocrity and dropped the ball on being true imitators of Christ. It is time we become hot and alive with the Word and message of God in order that this nation, and the Church, becomes alive in Christ again.

~ Rose

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