Laying Bare Our Hearts Before God

For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered ad laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

~ Hebrews 4:12-15 ~

It is a slightly disconcerting thought, is it not? The idea of words piercing to the very core of our hearts and darkened souls is quite frightening. Letting light come into our hearts sounds pleasant, until we remember all the dark things that are there. We like to think, sometimes, that we can keep our secrets safe there. Sure. Perhaps we can keep them from our friends, family, and the outside world; but for how long? Even these can be dug out at the most inopportune times. I am quite certain that every person can recall at least one instance of such an event. They are embarrassing to have happen and to remember, maybe even harmful to relationships. Yet I can barely stand the thought of having my very heart lad bare before the Lord. I know that He can always see my heart. But at the last day, I wonder if I will stand, or kneel out of shame.

There are times when I read the Scriptures and I can feel a tug at my heart. A little message comes that says, “that sure just hit home” or, “you know that is where you need to change”. Every time it is hard to hear that. It literally penetrates to the core of myself and hits the most tender of spots. Sometimes, it is just for ways I need to change in my life. Other times, it is of guilt for not changing. But it always hurts. Because I am a stubborn person who doesn’t always like to admit when they are wrong. And sooner or later, with more scars usually, I come back to the same fork in the road and take the path God chose. I end up hurting more because I didn’t change sooner.

Still, there must be a way to avoid such hurt in our lives. And there is, it is called reading God’s word and following His commands the first time around. He didn’t give them to us to be bossy, but because He cares for our wellbeing. My challenge for my fellow Christians are these: Read God’s word, know what is says, and let it hit your heart where is needs to land. Do not become hard towards it nor let your consciences be seared. Then once is does, let it change you. Though God never says, “I told you so” after you messed up, we are always better off striving to not mess up. Because one day we are going to give an account of what we have and have not done. Nothing will be nor is hidden from God’s sight. And one day, every single line of our life will be laid bare before Him. Why not make  ourselves ready for that day now?

And to those who do not belive: you will be there too. But thanks be to God for his gift of salvation! For we have not been left to live in darkness, but called into His marvelous light. Yes, we do carry the burden of past offenses. But Christ our Saviour carried them all already and nailed them to the cross. We do not have to carry our guilt any longer. Yes, some days I do feel guilty. Like I am not worthy of such forgiveness. Guess what, I am not. You are not. But this is still a deception from Satan, for Christ made us worthy. Christianity is the only faith where God came to us and saved us on no account of our own. God’s Word and light can reach the heart and soul of every person, and His forgiveness has reached everyone person. All you have to do is acknowledge and hope in His Sacrifice and salvation.

Everything in our hearts and lives will be laid bare at the last day. Yet I can still rejoice, for I know that because the Word is living, God is living; and for that reason I know that my salvation and forgiveness is sure.

~ Rose

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