Remembering His Suffuring and Our Calling

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in His steps.

~ 1 Peter 2:21 ~

“We are little Christs, not just Christians.” This is something my pastor said a long time ago, and it is quite true. I think a lot of the time Christians have a bad rap for not being very ‘Christian-like’ because they are just being good little Christians, and not being Christ-like. Instead of following in the steps of Christ, we follow in the steps of other people as we see fit. And while that can be beneficial in some circumstances, as we can learn from their mistakes or follow their good example, it can also be dangerous. For instead of reflecting the light of Christ, we are reflecting the tarnished light of equally sinful men.

But there is still hope. The first part of the verse remind us that “Christ suffered for us, leaving an example”. During this Easter time, we remember that Christ suffered and died for us, but more than that, was raised again so that we might live for and with Him. We must follow His lead. He suffered for us, and he lived a life that we should use as an example. And I don’t think a lot of people like the idea of suffering let alone experiencing it. However, Christ is our example, and we are called to “follow in His steps”, and that is how we should live. To start by living as Christ would could mean sacrificing our time, our talents, or some daily pleasure for Christ. It also means living in a way that reflects Christ, not just what everyone else is doing, whether someone is watching or not. Someone once asked me, “Would you do ____ if Jesus was in the room?” Sadly, I often answered no as I am sure many people would. Christ is always with us, and the best way to demonstrate that and be thankful for His gift of Salvation would be to live in the example of Him. By starting now, we can grow in Christ so that we will not fall away when persecution comes. It comes a little at a time, it is a journey that never ends until Christ comes for us, and it is the best journey there is. But along the way, when we live in the way He called us, we will start living a life of love and self-less suffering, and not in death with selfishness; as looking like Little Christs, and not just Christians.

~ Rose

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