Life has value.  Unfortunatly, so few people see its purpose anymore.  People do not see the value in themselves or others.

Really, we need to wake up and see the need for this.  My heart is saddened by the deaths in this most recent shooting.  My heart is burdened by the overall death and destruction in this country.  Truly, though, this has more to do that simply having more reasonable, honest, honorable, law-abiding citizens armed with a gun to defend innocent people.

This has to do with the degradation of our culture and the hearts and minds of the people in it.

Taking away gun rights is not putting a band aid on the problem, it is making the gaping wound bigger. Having more people armed with gun may save lives, but death will still happen, in many forms in this country.

What we really need is to instill in people, especially children, their value and worth. That people have a purpose, and are not disposable. That THEY are worth something. That life is to be valued.  That is what we need. We live in a culture filled with death and destruction, malice, deceit, hurt, violence, anger, unforgiveness, without love, and with a mindset that we have no value and no one cares.

Our nation asked God to leave everything in our lives, so that is what we got.  We see what a Nation looks like without God’s blessings.  Not to say that He has abandoned us, for He is always there.  But we have refused to acknowledge Him.  We have refused to make Him a part of our life and our culture.

We need to tell others what has been kept from them for so many years. Or else this madness will never end.  Without knowing that you were created for a purpose, that you have value, and that you have an amazing God who made you and who loves you, what else would you expect? How else would you think that people would act?

People are simply responding to what they have been given and taught all of their life. What would happen if we taught them the truth of God? What would happen if we brought back the instructions form Him? What would happen if we taught morals, character, and truth?

Without that, they will live the lives they were told they had: a life of pointlessness and worthlessness, because they know nothing else. They do not know that there is more to be had. They do not know what God has offered to us all.

I cannot fully comprehend the amount of violence that goes on in this country unless I see the background to the culture.  And this is the culture we have: a culture where death and destruction is promoted, no more than that, is shoved down our throats practically in everything, and true purpose and love is not found.

We may save lives by allowing more people to be protected by have defenders with guns.  But these people will still be lost for eternity without the Truth of God’s Word.

~ Rose

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