Review: To Kill A Mockingbird

My thoughts on one of the best pieces of classic American literature.

Review: Brave New World

Brave New World: a place devoid of all meaning and life.

When Your Calling is Home

"You are not here to get your 'Mrs.' degree." It was my first week at college and I was in a "freshman seminar" class (which was as  pointless as it was a waste of time). The professor spoke these words to her new students to make sure that they knew one thing: by the time …

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The Worth of Our Souls

“And he works and he builds with his own two hands. And he pours all he has into a castle made with sand. Time will tell just how long his kingdom stands.” These are the lyrics from a song by a band called ‘Casting Crowns’. The words always remind me of how fleeting this life …

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