Review: Church of Cowards

Our self-righteousness is in dire need of a wake-up call, and that is what this book is for. It is an insightful "wake-up call to complacent Christians," convicting us to acknowledge and wrestle with what we actually believe and what we are called to believe and live out.

A Chimerical Idea

To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea. ~ James Madison Though the idea has since escaped us in recent days, it was once widely recognized that people are corrupt. People are sinful, evil, desiring wrongdoing. It is only through careful …

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Beware the Slow Death

Our freedoms will likely not be lost in one swift blow, but instead by the careful and steady hand of "silent encroachment". This is why we must remain on the side of truth, on the side of what is right. Let us not be self-serving but seek to serve truth and justice. Encroaching on the …

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On the Liberty of the Press

  Author: David Hume Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company     In looking for something to read, I came across David Hume's Of the Liberty of the Press. While Hume and I disagree, for the most part, on the best form of government,  I do agree with him on the importance of the press. …

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The Legacy of the Rev. Dr. King

As today celebrates the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, I thought it fitting to talk about him and that legacy. I would be shocked to find someone in America who did not  know who this great man was, let alone what his legacy is. I would expect to hear at least the initials …

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