Threading Through Labyrinths

"But when you have killed him, how will you find your way out of the labyrinth?" "I know not, neither do I care: but it must be a strange road, if I do not find it out before I have eaten up the monster's carcass." "... I will give you a sword, and with that …

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On One Palmy Day

As Palm Sunday is coming up, I thought a post on the etymology of the word palm was in order. I was originally only going to look up the word palm, but I came across palmy and decided it needed to be added as well. Yes, palmy is a word - a word coined by Shakespeare no …

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While I am more often than not researching books and their contents, I do every now and then venture out into the world of music. It is not that I do not like music - I actually play a handful of instruments and sing - but I sometimes find it distracting when I am writing …

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Part 2: Allhallowmas: Saints, Feasts, and Holidays

Below is the poem that the better-known spelling of halloween came from. -- "Halloween" By Robert Burns. 1759 - 1796 Upon that night, when fairies light On Cassilis Downans dance, Or owre the lays, in splendid blaze, On sprightly coursers prance; Or for Colean the route is ta’en, Beneath the moon’s pale beams; There, up the …

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Part 1: Allhallowmas: Saints, Feasts, and Holidays

How we got one of our most widely celebrated modern day holidays.