Hymns – From God Can Nothing Move Me

“This hymn was a source of comfort to those facing a deadly pestilence and uncertain times, and its words of comfort are just as applicable to us …Rose: Hymns – From God Can Nothing Move Me This is a recent post from another site that I write for. I enjoy writing about hymns and their …

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Hymns: Lord of all Nations, Grant Me Grace

A timely hymn of unity, of grace, and of peace.

Hymns: What a Friend we have in Jesus

Joseph Medlicott Scriven was in 1819 born to John and Jane Scriven of Banbridge, Ireland. Joseph had a rather turbulent life even from a young age. He had wanted to serve in the military, but his poor health led to him studying at Trinity College, which he graduated from in 1842. A year later, his fiancée drowned …

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Hymns: Before the Throne of God

Charitie (Smith) Bancroft was born June of 1841 in Dublin, Ireland. Her father was a Reverend at the Colebrooke Church in Dublin, and her "talent for poetic composition" arose early in her life. Charitie's first poems and hymns were published before she was even twenty! Outside of her writing, little is known about her life …

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Hymns: “Go to Dark Gethsemane”

"Go to Dark Gethsemane", a traditional hymn of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, was written by James Montgomery. Montgomery was born in Scotland in 1771. He worked as a newspaper editor and wrote around 400 hymns and poems during his life. Another well-known hymn of his was "Angels from the Realms of Glory". Though he …

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